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fitness is personal. fitness is a journey. fitness is a destination. fitness is dirty. fitness is crisp. fitness is fun. fitness sucks. fitness is motion. fitness is still. fitness is a path. all of this applies to our journey starting The Combine. We love the gym, road, studio, weight room, court, field as we chase our wellness. But we wanted something slightly different. Hence, The Combine. here you can move towards wellness using a little of every fitness type while being subjected to mother nature's will. 

trail entrance

Who we are?

Our names are Kari and Jim. We live in Elk River, not too far from The Combine. We have multiple interests including fitness, work, family and sports. Our children (Gabi and Anderson) are just as much apart of The Combine as we are. 



build fitness, community, leadership and resilience. In a divided time in society, we strive to create a community that sweats together, that grows together.

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